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Aomi Armster: DEMON FORM by youkai-hime Aomi Armster: DEMON FORM by youkai-hime
:star: because so many people ask: I will have to say no, sorry, NO, you cannot use this in an RP, a story, ANYTHING. :star:
In some ways Aomi ( beside being a Shadow Demon) Aomi is a shapeshifter.
OTHER Aomi Armster FORMS. :star:
How The Demon Comes OUT:star:
Demon: Birth.Death.Rebirth:… :star:
This is Aomi, a shadow demon / shapeshifting species called a Shekintari.
Demons of this kind regarding the shapeshifting  and shadow abilities vary greatly.
Aomi's meat suit (body) was not hijacked. Aomi was "born." Shapeshifting and shadow demon traits were passed along by Aomi's parents (they both had shadow demon fragments within them).

This one likes to hide (not appear in true form) because other shadow demons of the same species like to clump together to form one demon or become a genius loci (a sentient area) instead of several individual demons, Aomi despises this nonsense.  Aomi likes being alone, not part of a collective. Aomi also likes the body he was born with.

This particular one, Aomi, only has to look to gain the form but Aomi is not good at making a copy, Aomi's default colour scheme carries on over ,regardless of the new form's physical structure.

Aomi is a bad shapeshifter - can't mimic colours or sounds very well( Aomi is okay with shape and states), Aomi cannot read minds or pull mind control powers.
This shadow form of Aomi's is *not* a FINAL FORM. The shadow form exists within the black areas on Aomi's kemonomimi body.
Aomi has white skin because of the demonic influence from his parents.  They were designed that way and those traits here and there were passed onto Aomi.

This shadow demon is not inherently evil or good.

because so many people ask: I will have to say no, sorry, NO, you cannot use this in an RP, a story, ANYTHING. this demon and this design, this species is strictly Aomi's (mine Teni.S.)
there are plenty of other shadow demons on the web to use, don't use mine.
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October 23, 2004
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